Hi, I’m new here

My name is Emily MacIsaac and I am a new instructor/member at 3rd degree training.

I started classes about 2 months ago and shortly after, I was hired!

Me and popular member, Lillian.

A bit about my fitness journey— Fitness has always helped me organize my incredibly energetic personality. For years, exercise has been my best friend. My motto is one big sweat a day keeps the heebie jeebies away. I grew up swimming competitively and was always involved in school sports, especially track. I was the wiener kid who spent lunches in the gym, playing intramural sports. I continue to compete with myself on Strava, where I like to record my distance running! Follow me 😉

Here are just some of the things I’ve noticed since starting at 3rd degree!

RESULTS- I watched a man struggle to walk with a walker, across the gym to our back training room. Today I watched him walk the distance, with no walker, and a 10-pound dumbbell in his hand. He’s a personal training client who has been working with our trainer, Thomas Makenzie! Big props to Thomas!

I’ve met a few people working on their mobility due to arthritis, and coming to the gym has allowed them to live their life comfortably again.

I’ve seen people have good days and I’ve seen them have bad days. I’ve seen people come to class quiet and shut out, and leave with a smile. They say it’s impossible to leave this place cranky!

I’ve been working hard in classes myself and I am noticing a huge change in my strength. I notice it in my daily life, because I’m doing things I used to need help with! Also just by adding one or two classes into my daily routine, I’ve been able to cut out some bad habits. For example, I was struggling a lot with pigging out before bed. By adding morning classes, I really can’t do that. (Unless I want to give myself a bellyache) The domino effect continues and I find myself in an all-around better headspace!

COMMUNITY SUPPORT– The people are so tight here that sometimes I can’t tell who is staff and who is a member! Especially in weight circuit, it isn’t uncommon for another member to answer a question or just give you that extra push if you need. If you are a person who experiences gym-phobia, this is the place you want to be. I think a lot of people imagine the gym and think everyone is smiling and jumping around. Nope. We are all in class complaining and working out together. Not just because we love working out (most people don’t), but because we love the benefits. Having the energy of a group workout is so beneficial. When I’m teaching I love seeing everyone working their hardest! I can tell the feeling is mutual amongst the group too! It’s like a party and we’re all there together!

CONFIDENCE- Fitness is where I get my confidence, a very important part of life. With exercise it’s so easy to set goals and achieve them, that includes just showing up. At 3rd Degree, all you have to do is show up and do your best, the instructors will take care of the rest! Like I mentioned before, if you came to class feeling bleh, you won’t be leaving like that. When you start exercising, you start a domino effect on your physical and mental health. Probably the best medication you can take!

FRIENDSHIPS– Fitness brings people together. The adaptive athletics classes are designed so anyone can go. All of the moves can be modified and you can adapt to your own level. This is by far my favorite class. I get a great sweat on and I always leave hearing an inspiring story. These people are showing up and they are all proud of each other.

We also have a mommy and me class which melts my heart, right out of my chest, every time. As a new(ish) mom I know how important the support of other moms is. Not to mention how important exercise is! I don’t think there is anything more vulnerable than a new mom trying to get herself back to her “normal”. It’s so incredible to see the babies develop too—taking notes as they watch the moves! They are all forming important relationships, babies included.

I couldn’t be happier with being part of this community!

This is exactly where I want to be right now.