Laura Groves -still got it

Fitness has always been a part of Laura Groves’ life.

The now 24-year-old grew up swimming, running, playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, you name it..

“I was super fit with really great endurance growing up”

When Laura was 18 a tumour was discovered in her lung.

It was classified as NET cancer, and the treatment was having two lobes of her right lung removed.

“It was definitely an adjustment, but growing up an athlete, and more specifically, a swimmer, really helped ease the recovery process”

That fall when she returned to university, a faculty member told her that it wasn’t a good idea for her to play on any of the sports teams.

It only fueled her more and she signed up anyways.

“I went home and immediately figured out how I could be on the women’s soccer team.”

She didn’t let the surgery hold her back and kept doing her thang.

It was a challenge, and still is at times, but this gives her the fuel she needs to get through.

“It fuels me, because I always want to prove to myself that I can do it.”

She moved to PEI from Newfoundland in 2018 and started working at Southport Animal Hospital.

It was there that she heard about 3rd Degree Training from long-time member Dr. Jane Hogan. She tried it, loved it, and has been hooked for the past two years!

Tiffany Bulpitt (left) Laura Groves (middle) Jane Hogan (right)

“It gave me a community to be part of in PEI, and it ended up being an easy way for me to make friends on the island.”

Laura chilling with the crew

She tries to show up for two classes a day, Monday to Friday, and works hard.

Laura is definitely a class clown, and hopes her sense of humour helps new members feel more comfortable. 

“I don’t get embarrassed very easily, so I love trying to make people laugh.”

This graduate student is on her way to start the DVM program at the Atlantic Veterinary College in 2022, and it’s safe to say that Laura isn’t skipping a beat. F*** yeah Laura!

and that’s a wrap