Virtual classes- maybe they are for you!

When the pandemic hit, Lisa MacLoed had to change her routine.

Due to Covid-19, like many others, she began working from home permanently.

“I immediately knew I needed some kind of stress reliever/guided exercise.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, she’s been doing virtual classes, six days a week.

In the first stages of lockdown, Pam’s face (on the live) was the only person she’d see for days on end.

“She definitely kept me sane.”

Lisa MacLoed post virtual workout

Even though today, restrictions are lifted, the virtual classes are still her jam.

She enjoys the convenience of squeezing them in her lunch break and skipping the trip to Stratford.

She’s always been active, but she says starting virtual classes gave her more structure.

“Since I knew I would be losing my workout buddies in the office, it made sense to join.”

The hardest part of maintaining your fitness routine is staying motivated, and when you don’t have your peers or coach, it can seem almost impossible.

Geraldine Maclellan is beyond proud to say she was able to keep up her workouts during the pandemic.

She joined the virtual classes two years ago and says she surprised herself.

“I wasn’t sure I had that kind of motivation in me, but I’ve showed myself I do and that makes me feel confident!”

Geraldine post workout with her pup

She’s made herself her priority and says it’s the key to loving yourself!

Thirty minutes a day is doable for everyone says Geraldine, it’s helped her physically, mentally and emotionally.

“Make yourself your priority, you deserve it!”

Virtual classes allow her to workout on her own schedule and if she misses a workout she can go back and watch it again.

She says the staff are encouraging, supportive and trained well.

“Join the gym! You won’t regret it, I swear!”