Inspiration. More contagious than Covid-19?

Over the last three months, Nora Cummins has transformed herself into a purebred bad ass.

Nora after absolutely conquering an adaptive athletics class

Her hips were in a lot of pain due to her arthritis and after a rough day, she decided enough is enough.

She said she couldn’t handle the pain even from walking and was tired of relying on advil.

“I just got fed up. I was fed up of being immobile.”

She saw 3rd Degree’s ad on Facebook and took it as a sign.

She is easy to spot in class because while pushing herself to the max, you’ll notice a few dance moves in-between sets.

“I’m really happy. I love being a badass!”

Her attitude is contagious and she says it’s thanks to the support of the others in class.

“This is a very supportive group. We’re all here together and there is no competition.”

She has learned that exercise is the answer, even when you modify the moves.

“I started calling myself the master modifier.”

The Nora from before is gone.

She is up to 10,000 steps a day and I might have to start calling her Nora the Explorer!

 “I’m even doing beach walks!”

Kathie Maccallum experiences the same pain in her knees and hips, and much like Nora she’s had enough.

Kathies mood after class captured in a pic

“Some people tell me I’ll probably need surgery someday; I want to tell those people to shut up.”

She joined around the same time as Nora and is noticing a big improvement in her range and mobility.

“I’m limited to the moves but I know I will get there if I keep at it.”

Kathie pays close attention to inspiration and when she spots it, she grows.

Her biggest inspiration comes from her three kids, who have all grown into healthy, fit adults.

“I’m learning a lot from my kids, usually it’s the other way around!”

Excuses don’t interest Kathie, especially after meeting her friend, an active legally blind woman she met at water aerobics classes.

Though she is blind, she walks for two hours a day by herself. One day Kathie offered her a ride home, which she declined.

This put everything into perspective.

“She is incredible. She’s not sitting around feeling sorry for herself.”

When Kathie approached me to chat about this, she said it was because she hopes someone finds it inspiring.

Inspiration is contagious and Kathie and Nora are a prime example of it!