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My name is Emily and I started classes at 3rd Degree Training just two months ago! I’m already noticing a huge difference in myself. I’m eating more, I’m sleeping more, I feel stronger, I feel happier.

I can only imagine how these loyal members feel!

Meet Jillian and Dave Dunphy

They joined January of 2012 and have been hooked ever since.

"The environment is like no other, I can't even explain it."

Her work supplies her with a free membership to another gym, but she can’t stay away from 3rd Degree!

It’s become her routine and she is not interested in throwing that off.

“When I can’t make it to class I’m honestly cranky. Even days I don’t feel like going, I’m in a better mood leaving.”

She likes 3rd Degree because the workouts are always different. She started with bootcamp classes, and it wasn’t until 2019 she tried the weight circuit.

It was an intimidating one for her, but it’s now one of her favorites.

“You really see the progress when you can lift more because you actually see the number on the weights changing.”

Before the pandemic she was lifting 8-pound weights and now she uses 15-pound weights for some moves!

“It really keeps you going.”

The atmosphere is definitely what pushes Jillian to her maximum potential.

“Nobody is judging you, everyone wants to see you succeed, there is no competition.”

Unless you are Jillian’s father, Dave Dunphy.

The father daughter duo have been pretty serious when it comes to commit to fit.

“We kick eachothers ass!” said Dave.

After overhearing Jillian talking about the gym, he joined the same time as her.

“I wanted to see what it was all about, I hadn’t been exercising at the time.”

Jillian no longer lives at home but they see each other almost everyday at the gym!

"I'm so proud of her and it gives us something to talk about, something in common," says Dave.

Though he usually trails in a tad late, Jillian praises her father for his commitment to the gym.

“He’s 61 and he comes almost everyday! I’m very proud of him.”

Since starting almost ten years ago, a lot has changed but Jillian and Dave’s love for fitness stays the same!