Olivia and Bridget

When Olivia Koughan pulls into the 3rd Degree Training parking lot, her daughter/gym partner gets HYPE.

“She definitely knows where we are now, I can hear her in the backseat getting excited!” says Olivia.

Her name is Bridget and at just 11-months-old, she loves hittin’ the mats with her mom.

They joined the Mommy and me classes a few weeks ago and they have helped move along with postpartum, mentally and physically.

They both love the socializing aspect of classes.

“It’s a really good place for Bridget to socialize with other babies. We’re both definitely making friends!”

They met their friends Maddie McInnis and Olivia Duffy while attending the class!

Olivia and Madeline

Mama Maddie and 7-month-old Olivia are also reaping the benefits!

The classes really helped with the postpartum and pandemic combo, said Maddie.

“I can come here and talk to other people who don’t scream at me,” she jokes.

It isn’t just Maddie learning about fitness, baby Olivia is taking notes from the other babies!

“Her watching the older babies run around is helping a lot with her development.”

She’s glad the classes are available because these days there isn’t much to do.

“I really needed something to do and this is perfect, might even get my abs back!”

Long before Vanessa Dube was pregnant with her daughter, Lucy, she attended the mommy and me classes solo.

“I just loved seeing all the babies crawling around!”

She has been a member since 2015 and always loved the weight circuit. She loved it so much she crushed it until she was 40 weeks pregnant.

“If you already worked out, keep going!” is her motto.

She’s especially glad she continued through her pregnancy because it prepared her for labour.

“I had a scary labour experience but I think my workouts really helped me get through it.”

She was a person who had to self isolate a lot because of her family company. She said she was really happy to have the virtual classes available.

“The virtual classes are also great for someone feeling self-conscious. I was able to get back to normal at home!”

Today Lucy is 16 months and her mom is excited to bring her to the gym!

Vanessa and Lucy in a wall sit 🙂