Fighting the Burn with Berni

Weight circuit Bernie

Every time I see Bernadette Forrester in class I’m amazed. This woman is incredible.

Not only does her ability and fitness level impress me, but her attitude too!

She recently celebrated her one-year anniversary at 3rd Degree Training and a lot has happened!

In the beginning she was using 10 and 12 pounds for free weights, and she said now she uses the 15 and 20s!

“I really enjoy seeing the progress as well as looking and feeling strong!”

There is no question Bernadette (AKA Berni as our members call her) is focused.

She said staying focused is easy when you develop habits that bring positive results physically and mentally.

“Working out makes me feel HAPPY! I feel like me!”

She played softball for many years- as well as volleyball, golf, track and badminton in her early years.

Her competitive spirit is what motivates her to improve, she said, she is always competing with herself.

“Being surrounded and encouraged by like-minded people with similar goals is such a motivator!”

3rd Degree Training offers a wide variety of classes and Berni loves them all!

She said she loves experiencing the progress inside and out, but the progress in the mirror is just a bonus.

“Don’t get me wrong I love a good compliment, but my driving force is how I am feeling.”

TRX Bernie

When she’s not working hard in class she working hard in the fields.

She works in agriculture as a crop consultant, she said she works directly with farmers through Cavendish Agriculture Services.

“My career can be very physically demanding so being strong is important.”

Her advice to you is everything in moderation!

She said she doesn’t believe in diet culture or pattern of a workout frenzy then doing nothing again. It’s important to develop good habits and surround yourself with likeminded people.

“For me it’s about always staying active and not depriving myself of the good or not so good foods!”

She goes hard I’m telling you