Group Classes

HIIT Bootcamp

Functional training better prepares the body for daily activities. At 3rd Degree Training, we do a full-body functional training.

Never tried a group fitness class before? You’re in the right place! We have modifications to make easier on you until you progress at your on pace.

Hybrid Class

Our Hybrid Class mix our traditional HIIT functional fitness class, incorporating dumbbells and a few new challenges that will help you with muscle toning, fat burning and reaching that healthy weight to improve your life and well-being.

It is a functional training style of class to help you improve muscular strength, flexibility and balance. An effective workout if you want some help with toning and fat burning.

Weight Circuit

We also offer Weight Circuit incorporating some equipment — it’s an effective workout that complements the high-intensity workouts on toning muscles and burning fat.

Stretch and Strength

Our Stretch and Strength class improves muscular strength, flexibility and balance. We know that as we age, our bodies lose muscle and bone density making it less stable. A few minutes a week working on areas like arms, legs and core muscles can make you stronger. It could help prevent diseases like osteoporosis, not to mention avoid injuries.

TRX Fusion

TRX Fusion Suspension Training for All Fitness Levels, leverages your own body weight using suspension training straps to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously!

Our Suspension Training Class combine posture moves with suspension training straps training – ensuring proper form in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Adaptive Athletics

Our zero-impact and low-intensity Adaptive Athletics fitness program is perfect for those dealing with mobility issues, recovering from injury, or who simply prefer low-impact movements, Throughout the program, you will learn the fundamentals of exercise movement, and build confidence and a passion for being active while enjoying socializing with new friends in a fun workout environment!

Family Friendly

Bring your kiddos with you! Our family-friendly classes at 3rd Degree Training are open to everyone – all ages and fitness levels!
So bring the kids out, get your workout in, and have some fun.

Afterschool Program

Sign your children up for our popular Afterschool kid’s fitness program! Throughout this program your child will learn the fundamentals and importance of exercise movement, develop speed and agility for any athletic sort, build confidence and a love for exercise all while making new friends and having some good old fashion fun!

Virtual Classes

Same awesome program, motivation, accountability and community is also available online! Live and recorded classes and exercise from the comfort of your home. No special equipment required.

Our motto has always been “Your body is your gym” and that is all you need to have amazing workouts!

3rd Degree Training Virtual membership includes unlimited access to daily new workouts through a private Facebook group and our community will help you stay motivated and accountable to achieve your fitness and health goals.

There’s something for everyone at 3rd Degree Training!

Contact your closest location for more information on the programs they have running!