Convert your frustrations into workouts with Jenna Arbing

Planning your wedding can be the most stressful yet exciting time of your life!

Bride-to-be, Jenna Arbing channels that energy at the gym, and she says being able to turn frustrations into a workout is a great feeling!

“Ball slams are the best move for it!”

In preparation for the big day, she has been attending weight circuits, hybrid classes and boot camp classes as well as small group training and stretch and strength when she can!

She says having the option to do a few of each class per week, allows her to focus on different parts of her body.

“I also try to not get stuck into a routine and I’m always making sure to live by the “balance” lifestyle!”

She has been a member at 3rd Degree Training since 2019 and loves it!

Her favorite part, aside from the killer workouts, is the people!

“Everyone is so kind, they truly care about your fitness journey, and helping you reach your goals!”

Jenna is the best <3

She especially felt their support in the last few months.

Among everything going on, Jenna was diagnosed with diabetes.

She said she noticed she was losing more weight than intended, and when she caught herself feeling unusually thirsty, she decided to get blood work done.

“I could tell there were some changes in my body. My paternal grandfather has it, so I always knew it was a possibility.”

Even though she knew it was possible through genetics, the news was still a frustrating shock.

She says now that she is aware of the diabetes, maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is more important now than ever. She also says her gym family has been beyond supportive since her diagnosis.

“I am so grateful for my gym family and their support.”

Nothing is stopping Jenna though.

She continues to find motivation through her gym friends, the instructors, and everyday life!

She said she already has her dress and she can’t wait to wear it!

“I bought my dress in January and I am obsessed, it’s gorgeous!”