Full-Body Conditioning for Kids

$99.99 for 4 weeks

How to keep your children active and healthy?

We’re offering an exclusive Full-Body conditioning training program for kids from 10 to 14 years old! With moves that help to build endurance, balance, agility, and coordination while strengthening the whole body.

Whether your kid is into sports or just being a kid, these full-body conditioning exercises will have them ready for their game!

Social distancing radically changes the way we live with our children. Adopting or maintaining physical activity is essential, exercise can also help children’s well-being by enhancing self-esteem, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, increasing concentration and alertness and fostering feelings of happiness!

During his 4-week program we will provide 8 sessions focused on building muscle strength, improve cardiovascular capacity, keep bones strong, maintain a steady and healthy weight! All while becoming more agile and less prone to injury.

In our model we make sure physical distance is observed in all activities. Contact us for more information today!


To ensure physical distance, spaces are limited. Reserve your spot today!

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