At-home Remote Workout!

$25.00 / week

Cancel at anytime! No cancellation fee!

3rd Degree Training At-home Fitness Class!

Social distance doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout!

Our center is temporally closed but our community is working together and motivating each other from home! We are committed to help you keep active!

You won’t need special equipment!

With 3rd Degree Training At-home Membership you will:

– Have access to a new Facebook LIVE workout every day!

– Access to our daily interactive LIVE workouts via Zoom!

– Join our community and get involved in daily challenges that help you to stay motivated and accountable to achieve your fitness and health goals!

– Access to live and recorded classes and exercise from the comfort of your home! No special equipment required.

Stay strong, connected and moving with our LIVE and recorded workouts. We will talk, workout, and sweat with you!

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Do you want to learn more? Are you curious why are our workouts good for you regardless if you are a new to fitness or if you are an athlete in training?

Functional training better prepares the body for daily activities. At 3rd Degree Training, we do a full-body functional training. We combine a series of moves, like push-ups, lunges and squats, with running, jumps and other high-intensity anaerobic movements designed to work the upper body, lower body and core, for a comprehensive workout.

  • We also offer Weight Circuit incorporating some equipment (You won’t need special equipment, although we may ask you to search around the house for some objects!) — it’s an effective workout that complements the high-intensity workouts on toning muscles and burning fat.
  • Our Stretch and Strength class improves muscular strength, flexibility and balance. We know that as we age, our bodies lose muscle and bone density making it less stable. A few minutes a week working on areas like arms, legs and core muscles can make you stronger. It could help prevent diseases like osteoporosis, not to mention avoid injuries.
  • Joint problems? Injuries? Haven’t exercised in a while? No problem! Throughout Adaptive Athletic program, we can modify the training to your ability, building a foundation of strength and physical fitness, allowing you to keep your independence and also preparing you to progress to our main classes.

Grab you water bottle and indoors sneakers and join us now!! There’s something for everyone at 3rd Degree Training! Let’s do this!

Terms and Conditions:
  • No minimum contract. Cancel at anytime.
  • No cancellation fee.
  • Memberships are non-refundable.
  • When you purchase a 3rd Degree Training membership, your membership will automatically renew for the selected price and subscription term until you cancel your subscription.