Covid-19 Response:  3rd Degree Training is dedicated to keeping our members, staff, and all those in the community safe while social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

In our model we make sure physical distance is observed in all activities, there is no shared equipment, and all the surfaces are clean and sanitized after each session. The health and wellness of our members and staff is our top priority!

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Group Classes, Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling and Corporate Wellness

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Live Remote One-on-one Services

Are you looking for a remote training program that delivers the same service as in person?

Check our Live Remote Personal Training and Remote Nutritional Counseling!

One-on-one with a real coach the moment it suits you in a Live and interactive online session!

Personal and Small Group Training

At 3rd Degree Training Moncton we offer sessions on an exclusive private setting: Trainer and Studio!

Our services are offered remotely and in person.

If you want to improve your well being, reach and maintain a steady healthy weight, tone-up, or enhance your cardio endurance and agility, come for chat!

Nutritional Services

Our Nutrition Consultants are here to reset, recalibrate and reprogram your nutritional plan to get you feeling energized.

Our services are offered remotely and in person.

A holistic approach to nutrition where clients are educated and supported on how to utilize real food to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Get personalized support every step of the way!

Group Classes

Our functional fitness group classes are a perfect option for anyone looking to start a workout routine that will bring results.

Our services are offered remotely and in person.

At 3rd Degree Training, you can stay motivated and accountable to achieve your fitness and health goals! Join our supportive community!

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

A Corporate Wellness Program can bring substantial benefits to both employees and company.

An effective program can help employees improve their health, lowering the risk of chronic disease, improving productivity and reducing employee absenteeism due to unplanned illness.