Decompressing, Not Stressing!

You just worked on your computer all day, while curled up beside your cat, in your PJs.. now what?

With remote working on the rise and more courses moving to online learning, it can be difficult to decompress your work day.

Olivia Centritto says she likes to end her day with 3rd Degree Training!

“I can channel my emotions into my workout and just unwind. I feel so much better afterwards, more relaxed and stress free.”

She’s not messing around

Olivia is a student at UPEI where the majority of her classes are online.

She said coming to the gym has helped not only shake off the day, but also add more socializing into her routine.

“It’s nice to be able to get out of my apartment and go workout in a fun atmosphere with likeminded people.”

With covid still in full force globally, it’s precious to have a gym available, but that wasn’t always the case for Olivia!

She moved to Prince Edward Island in July, and before that she was in Ontario– aka lock-down-ville.

She said she was attending bootcamp-style classes at a local gym until it got shut down due to Covid-19!

“I found it challenging as I watched myself during lockdown. I was falling back into those bad habits and reverting back to my sedentary ways.”

When she arrived on the island she immediately took advantage of the freedom and signed up with 3rd Degree Training!

Olivia loves the structure of the classes and says she always leaves the gym knowing she had good workout.

“Since I don’t know a lot about working out, 3rd Degree Training is perfect for me! I’m motivated by the classes, the atmosphere and the energy the instructors bring to class!”

We are pumped to have Olivia at the gym! Keep crushing it girlfriend!