Sandra’s Groove

Sandra Henry gave us some great advice the other day after class.

She said she believes 45 minutes of aerobic style exercise three times a week can combat cancer.

“My doctor told me 1000mg of Vitamin D, aerobics and a baby aspirin is the best thing for me and I live by it!”

In 2005 Sandra had bowel cancer.

She believes her doctor’s advice is what saved her.

At the time she was working as a lab technician for the QEH.

The job was demanding with long hours, early mornings, and a lot of on-call shifts, she said.

“Every morning I got up and made it a priority to get my exercise in.”

She loved running too, but she said she also had to stop that when she developed arthritis in her back.

“I didn’t give up. I got an elliptical.”

Last year she had a knee replacement.

Still no stopping her.

You can find her at all of the morning Adaptive Athletics classes.

She’s the one grooving to the music!

The 73-year-old wants everyone to know her secret, especially her not-so-active friends.

She said for years, one of her friends was a self-proclaimed couch potato.  

“I was at her every day nagging and nagging.”

Finally, the two went on a hike together.

She said her friend is now an avid runner and very thankful for that nagging.

“She told me she would have never done that hike if it weren’t for me. Now she’s addicted to running!”

Though nagging can work sometimes, Sandra believes in monkey-see, monkey-do.

She said her children live very active lives and its all thanks to her just staying active.

“I never had to nag my children because they always saw me and it happened naturally.”

Something that hasn’t changed for Sandra is her love for Kayaking.

She said when the day is right, she goes out, even when she doesn’t feel like it!

“When the timing is right, you get the kayak out!”

Take a note from Sandra.

Don’t give up.