An Exercise of Self Love

Denise Dobbin is an OG member here at 3rd Degree Training Stratford.

You can find her hitting double classes, working her butt off and always encouraging other members!

She joined in 2010, she said, after having her daughter, Cassandra, who is now 12-years-old.

“I was there when they only had boot camp classes in the field!”

Denise, shredding as usual.

It’s common for women in postpartum to start shedding the baby weight and getting their energy back.

But Denise was suffering from severe postpartum depression. Postpartum depression can be paralyzing, and that is no exaggeration.

With the support of her mother and a close friend, she took their advice and joined class!

She said it was the best feeling to being a part of the group, lose some weight, and gain strength, physically and mentally.

“We were out in that field rain or shine! I’d get so muddy, which is funny because I am not that girl!”

She has struggled with anxiety and depression her whole life and 3rd Degree Training has become her sanctuary.

When she first joined, she said she wanted to lose weight. Now she aims for physical and mental strength!

“When I leave work, I head to the 4:20 and 5:20 classes. By the time I get home for supper, I am relaxed and present with my family.”

Growing up she was involved in softball and taekwondo.

Though her anxiety can hold her back socially, she said, 3rd Degree Training gives her that family/ team feeling!

“No one looks at me like I shouldn’t be there. Pam and Steve have created a great place to come and feel like you belong! We’re always joking around while we workout too!”

There is no stopping Denise.

A few years ago 2019 due to a knee injury, she was walking with a cane.

She took some time off but Pam gave her a call and told her all about adaptive athletics.

She said, after one year of adaptive athletics, she gained her strength and confidence back for her favorite classes!

“It was the perfect class to get me back in and feel safe exercising!”

When the world shut down last year, all of the classes were switched to online.

She said Pam gave out weights to members who needed them at home!

“That was a major part of me getting through quarantine.”

She also appreciates the TLC from the staff.

If she misses a few classes, she said Pam will give her a ring to check in on her.

“You don’t get that at most gyms.”

This is what self love looks like!