3rd Degree Training- a Franchise

3rd Degree Training is a class based gym, catering to all ages and fitness levels.

Their headquarters in Stratford, PEI is full of life, and with franchises popping up around Canada, they couldn’t be happier.

At 3rd Degree, we are training for life. Life is hard but with a come training, it can lighten the load.

The workouts are designed to help you navigate daily chores, maintain a young spirit, and help you enjoy life!

Whether it’s a group atmosphere or with a personal trainer, 3rd Degree has got you covered.

The business took off to be a great success, but like many success stories; you have to start somewhere.

They started in a field, in the Stratford business park, with two speakers, some yoga mats and just ten members.

Now, their 5500 square foot studio/headquarters stands in that same spot!
Founders Pam and Steve Collette work hard to help their gym members work hard.

Pam and Steve Collette

When it comes to keeping things fresh, Pam Collette is the queen.

The proof is in the pudding, a lot of members at the Stratford studio have been attending her classes for over ten years, says Pam.

“We wouldn’t be what we are today without this community. These people are amazing!”

The most important focus points are, customer service, expertise, and customized classes suitable for all fitness levels, says Steve Collette.

“3rd Degree Training is a place where anyone irrespective of their age or fitness level can achieve their health goals.”

Not only do they want to help their gym members work hard, they also want to help other franchise owners work hard, to help THEIR members work hard.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Their passion for helping people is what got them here and they are not slowing down.

Today they have a total of six locations and counting!

The best part of investing in a 3rd Degree franchise is you already have a business model set out for you!  You’re working with their already-made and proven fitness systems, and they’ve already made the mistakes for you.

All of the tools for success are available for you, while maintaining effective communication.

Power couple, Pam and Steve believe becoming a franchise partner with 3rd Degree Training is also an amazing opportunity for health and fitness lovers to fulfill their lives.