She goes by Gigi

Wendy Duffy has been a member at 3rd Degree Training Stratford for over 11 years!

You can find her at a lot of early morning boot camp classes, but she said lately, Hybrids are her favourite.

“They’re my new fav!”

She is the girl in the front!

She doesn’t just keep it at morning classes, occasionally she will make an appearance at family class.

Though she finds a lot of her motivation through our instructors and fellow bootcampers, she said she loves working out with her daughter and granddaughter!

“I have to say, it’s pretty special to be able to work out with Maddie and Olivia!”

Something I admire about Wendy is her attitude and spunk.

She kicks ass, she’s determined, she shows up and gives every workout 100%.

So do not call her grandmother. She goes by Gigi!

Wendy is a mother of three active girls and she wants to keep up!

She said she wants to do everything she can to stay fit and strong.

“I’m not getting any younger!”

She is definitely on the right track.

Wendy lives a very active lifestyle and said she also loves golfing.

“In the summers I don’t make it to as many classes because I’m always out on the course!”

3rd Degree Training has become a huge part of Wendy’s life!

She said she feels very fortunate to have an able body that allows her to workout!

“As for motivation and staying committer, it’s just become part of my life!”