There’s a New Influencer in town!

Victoria Murphy has tried every diet you can imagine.

For as long as she can remember, people have been telling her to lose weight.

“I’ve literally tried every diet out there, but I’ve always given up and gained the weight back.”

When she met with a doctor about a breast reduction five years ago, she felt completely defeated.

She said she was shocked when the doctor told her she needed to lose 100 pounds before the surgery was possible.

“I thought to myself, there is no way. That is completely impossible for me.”

Make sure you give Victoria the proper 3rd Degree Training welcome when you see her in the studio!

After years of trying diet after diet and failing and failing, the 24-year-old from Summerside, gave up.

Her heaviest weight was 300 pounds, but she made the decision 3 years ago to never look back.

She said she saw a photo from a friend’s bridal party, and couldn’t believe it was her.

“I saw the photo and in that moment, I quit everything cold turkey!”

That was three years ago! Next month she will be celebrating her anniversary of this day—a very special day.

Her motivation was (and still is) at an all-time high, and it’s all for herself.

She said her mindset five years ago and today are completely different.

“I was always being told I had to lose weight by other people. But I didn’t want to. When I saw that photo. I wanted to. It’s for me, not for anyone else!”

On day one of her journey, she made an Instagram account for it.

She said as her following grew, so did her confidence!

“There are so many people out there, going through the same thing! They always inspire me to keep going!”

She even became the first plus size athlete sponsored by Allmax Nutrition on Instagram!

Victoria was one of our applicants for a contest with 3rd Degree Training Stratford, and Simply for Life Summerside.

So since she won, she will be sharing her fitness and nutrition journey over the next three months.

She said she couldn’t be happier and this is exactly what she needs!

“This is perfect for me and just what I need!”

She finishes up her time with us in December, just in time for her breast reduction!

Check out her IG as well! @vics_journeyy