If you don’t like it, change it!

During the first lockdown in Gosport England, Emily and Patrick Boles decided they wanted to move to PEI.

Emily and Patrick Boles

Life in the small town became stressful, says Emily. She stopped attending her gym because she felt intimidated.

“I just found it so intimidating, I had a brain fart every time I went in!”

It wasn’t just at her gym, life in Gosport was no longer comfortable.

They decided it was best for their future to make the move to PEI, she said.

“Our future needs more relaxation, respect and safety. Especially if we decide to have children.”

It’s been an adjustment to say the least. Driving, accents, money… it’s a whole new world for Emily.

Patrick who is from PEI, introduced Emily to 3rd Degree Training Stratford, and I think it’s safe to say she has been crushing it.

She says it’s thanks to the staff!

“When I met Pam, I instantly wanted to join. She is so friendly and welcoming!”

The thoughts of her past gym experiences made her feel a bit nervous for her first class. The feeling of so many new faces can be nerv-racking.

Em bein silly

Sure enough she felt totally welcome and all the intimidation flew out the window, she said.

“The more I went, the more motivated I was to go to more classes!”

It was hard at first to introduce herself but she didn’t even need to!

Other members ended up approaching her, she said.

“There was an amazing few that welcomed me with open arms!”

She hasn’t felt this strong physically and mentally in years and she’s thanking head personal trainer, Thomas Mackenzie.

Not only is she attending classes daily, but she also loves PT sessions, she said.

“Thomas has grown my strength, mental health and confidence, in and out of the gym!”

Being so far from home can be tough at times, but 3rd Degree Training has helped in so many ways. She is grateful!

“Pam, Emily and Thomas have all been great motivators and their encouragement and support means a lot to me, thanks guys!”

Thomas and Emily in a personal training session